This is not left or right. This is not an issue of politics. It is an issue of humanity.

The arrows are up and down. What issues, segments/intersections of the population do we want to uplift/bring light to? What do we want to dive deep down into?

This is black, white and human. There is no gray when speaking about the dignity and rights of all people.

Perspective is key. Sometimes you see the H clearly, sometimes you don’t.

The H is for Humanity, Houston, Hate. It is what brings the polarizing arrows together demonstrating the significance and power of existence in negative

We are the Houston Coalition Against Hate and this is our icon.

Houston Coalition Against Hate (HCAH) is a 509(a)3 Supporting Organization with Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF).


The Houston Coalition Against Hate (HCAH) is a network of community-based organizations, institutions and leaders in Houston, TX that have come together to collectively address incidents of bias, hate, discrimination and violence against Houstonians because of their religion, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and immigration status.

Generations of American Indians have been Native and connected to the stolen land now known as the Texas Gulf Coast. Among them are the Atakapa-Ishak, Karankawa, Mariame, and Akokisa tribes. We honor their elders, past and present, as well as the Indigenous people from many nations who live and work in this region today. May this acknowledgement be a humble first step in the undoing of Indigenous erasure, providing accurate historical context while serving as a reminder to current non-native inhabitants, as we strive toward peace, reconciliation, and justice.