This training, organized by Shoulder to Shoulder, is designed for faith leaders, lay leaders, and multifaith or faith-based organizational leaders committed to countering anti-Muslim discrimination in their communities. We’ll share up-to-date research, resources, tools, and messaging to be stronger, strategic, and more effective actors in shaping our nation toward a greater vision – where all people, no matter their religious or cultural background, are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

The Faith Over Fear training will cover the following focus areas: understanding & unpacking anti-Muslim bigotry & Islamophobia, the underlying dynamics in communications & conflict, messaging for change (what we say and how we say it), deep-dive in allyship, an example of challenging Islamophobia through the arts, and strategies for engagement & change. You can learn more about Shoulder to Shoulder and our Faith Over Fear trainings here:

Shoulder to Shoulder is offering this Faith Over Fear training free-of-charge, and encourage participants to consider also registering for the Annual ISNA Convention in Houston over Labor Day Weekend. While Faith Over Fear is separate from the ISNA Convention, we encourage Faith Over Fear participants to consider joining us at ISNA the rest of the weekend using the code: “s2s20” by July 31st to get a 20% discount on the ISNACon registration fee, for more information and to register, click here.

Please contact with any questions!

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